The first Wordwide Internet Of Climate (IOC) is

This unique platform,, is to allow users to anticipate and mitigate the Climate Change impacts at the city level. This is to assist in developing industrial and financial activities as well as contributing to strategic expansion of your own city which includes architectural and urban projects.

Prediction and forecasting in the medium to long terms, this platform is unique since it provides scientific knowledge at the international levels.

Overall it allows members to access to recommendation, tendencies from climatic models about the climate evolution of your town. All of that on small spatial scales so that secure and applied services can be linked to the CLIMATE BIRDS network – The latter is the only system dedicated to the continuous anticipation in 3D of local climate phenomena such as Heat Island effects, Pollution and Extreme rainfall events, among others.

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Your City’s Climate Profile

Based upon scientific analyses of historical climate, you will obtain recommendations and tendencies about how the climate is to evolve in your city. The latter are pro- duced by a team of experts, with which you will be able to interact so your needs can be well understood. The team of experts is to be provided as you go along.

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Preliminary Prediction

Relying upon new instruments deployed in rapidly in your city, you will obtaine climate tendencies at the district level as you wish : the 2D picture of urban climate.
This network is to be deployed by the Swiss group Meteoblue; Detailed informations and financial and technical specs, will be send to you as you go along,

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Services exclusively based upon the Climate Birds System

Long term urban climate prediction

From the Global Climate Birds network, involving climate measurements from tethered balloons above urban areas along with a cluster of nanosatellites, and a geospatial mapping of data the 3D picture of the urban climate is to be provided. Phenomena such as Heat Island, Flooding /Drought, Pollution will be assessed and the 3D picture of urban climate will be released for your city. Ways and means to mitigate those events based upon frequency and intensity will be proposed as well.
All of the above is based upon an uniquue collaboration with the Climate City Operator. The Climate Birds will be the key observers of the atmospheric boundary layers above cities.
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Urban climate mitigation and adaptation strategy

The Green Origin group, owns, and is at theart of all services dedicated to adaptation and mitigation of exposed to Climate Change. A catalog will be distributed at the time you subscribe. An exclusive partnership between Béchu + Associés, and la Cité des 3 Climats.

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From Climate City to

The services offered by are mainly based on climate observation platforms deployed by the operator Climate City SAS. An exclusive partnership allows Green Origin Holding – the owner of – to provide you with a completely new decision-making aid offer in the face of the impacts of climate change in cities.

If you have not already done so, and in order to obtain all the necessary information on the climate observation infrastructures of the operator Climate City SAS, join the website: